Mission Statement

We are Nigerians and friends of Nigeria drawing on, and energized by our sense of commitment, love, loyalty and patriotism and having full cognizance of the ills mitigating against the welfare of Nigerians and good governance in Nigeria hereby resolve to deploy our full human resources to confront the evils that have befallen Nigeria and Nigerians through bad and visionless leadership, corruption, greed, ineptitude, ethnic rivalry, and apathy.

We resolve to effect enduring and consequential changes by:
  • Using fully effective but non-violent means to confront bad leadership and corruption while acknowledging visionary and exemplary leadership styles
  • Educating and helping Nigerians elect sincere, honest leadership. Nigeria is blessed with talented intellectuals and visionaries. We deserve the best to lead us.
  • Building and equiping Nigerians to be full and equal participants with worthy leaders in nation building
  • Networking with the print and visual media in projecting the aspirations and needs of Nigerians, ensuring representative democracy, mounting pressure on the elected officials to meet the needs of the electorate.
  • Taking peaceful and practical steps to revert the misfortune of Nigerians and thereby laying the foundation of a new Nigeria.
We have obeyed Nigeria's call and are committed to the building of a progressive, strong, and caring fatherland whose people are proud and bound, not by the shackles imposed by unworthy leadership but, freedom, peace and unity. Contact Us