Who are we, why do we care.

About Us

We are a group of Nigerians and friends of Nigeria around the world who are
passionate about transforming Nigeria into a great country.
We believe all Nigerians globally should move from "complaining about our problems" to actively participate in providing solutions!
Our Mission Statement ...

Unfortunately many of our past leaders have let us down. It is time we "ordinary" Nigerians come together to change our lot! T.U.R.N offers Nigerians and lovers of Nigeria the opportunity to join in offering solutions. We believe we have a huge resource base globally and we can pull all these resources together to build a great Nigeria.

T.U.R.N Nigeria is a registered organization in Canada.

2020 Executive Members
  • President: Dr. Kunle (AG) Ahmed, Ottawa, Canada
  • VP Administration : Mr. Nelson Irobi, Ottawa, Canada
  • VP Finance : Dr. Sola Womiloju, Ottawa, Canada


  • Dr. Dele Ogunremi, Ottawa, Canada
  • Dr. Bankole Adams, Ottawa, Canada